Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Little Milestone in a Mothers World

Well today it happened. A girl came over and picked up my son and whisked him away. Only for a day mind you, she said she would bring him back tomorrow. They are on the way to meet her parents. Hey this must be serious stuff. They are cute together tho. He seems more grown up lately, not the little boy we all remember, but more thoughtful, more of an individual. I used to know where he was every minute of the day, what he had for lunch, who he was with and what they talked about and did. I don't know most of these things anymore and I miss that.
Now I know new things about him. People tell me how polite of a young man he is, how he holds doors open for people, offers to help, washes his own clothes, gets a haircut without being told hes looking scruffy. He works, works out, gets his homework done. He is good.


  1. Wow, you really put into words that kid growing up thing...and love that picture of him in the window. Totally grown up and wonderful guy.

  2. Now that is a milestone. You reminded me my son is not that far off of that. What a great tribute to a good boy and what his wonderful mom must of taught him!!

    1. Thank you Tiffanee. I am happy to see that you understand my feelings. Im sure your son is just as wonderful.