Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meet Jean Blanco
 YEAH, just today i have finished my second jean quilt. I made one for my son in law and he named it.  Yes, he named it Jean Blanco. So this is Jean II i guess. Its jean on one side and an aqua, green and purple pattern on the other side. It is so soft and warm I just love it. Start with an 8 inch square of old blue jeans and back it with an 8 inch square of any color you want of flannel. Then sew an X from corner to corner. Sew them together with a half inch seam, clip all the seams as you go. Clipping seams is the hardest part but so worth it as they get fuzzy as in the first picture. I made a pattern on the back but have also made the back all red colored too. That's up to you. Measure the bed you want to put it on and make that size.

Just throw it in the dryer after all the seams are clipped and it gets all frayed and fringed.

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