Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Going to the city

Fall is a great time for making crafts. It gets cold outside and I like staying inside and baking. I also enjoy sewing and creating new projects. I like matching fall colors that resemble the colors outside. I make bags and purses and sell them at a local art gallery this time of year. Below are just a few of the new ones I am taking to the shop today. I hope you like them and leave a comment if you do. They are good sized. I used one to take to a breast cancer survivor luncheon and was able to stuff all the freebies in one bag when everyone else had 3 bags.

It never hurts to throw in a Christmas bag too. Its a little bit country but not too much for the city folk.


  1. Absolutely the type of bag every girl needs. Never too early for Christmas to me!! Lovely work Paula.

    1. Thanks Kathi, I just love sewing and creating as I know you do as well.